Zenith Prep Academy

Leaders in College Consulting

Zenith Prep Academy is one of the highest rated college consulting firm in the Bay Area, California. For over 10 years, it recruited students through eDMs and seminars. When it was time to scale their business and reach customers online, they approached Agency J because they wanted a partner who understood the Education industry and Facebook's strict policies around advertising.


To help Zenith Prep Academy develop a new online channel that would fill their enrollment pipeline and scale their revenue.


We used a combination of direct response marketing ads and creatives that resonated with parents to send targeted traffic to a webinar presentation. After the webinar presentation, they would either book a call or receive follow-up emails that spoke to them about the common struggles around college application, what their children could use our help with, and address common objections around using a strategy like ours.


For the first 8 months, we focused exclusively on the Californian market. Because of the limited market size, we had to implement a high frequency testing strategy that saw us launch 70+ campaigns and 780+ ads in a one-year period. This kept our cost per book call -- a leading indicator of sales each month -- under control even as we nearly tripled our monthly ad spend.

Use real photos

Our client shared photos they took with their smartphones during one of their previous seminars. We applied light touches to make those photos stand out and they remain as one of our highest converting creatives -- and we have tested a lot!

Pick models that reflect demographic relevance

One of the tactics we often share with clients even during our workshops is to pick photos that show models your customers can relate to. Because most of our clients' students were Asians, it was no wonder photos where we used Asian models converted the most.

Validate -- then stick to your core message

A mistake we made early on was to repackage what our client had already spent 10+ years validating -- their marketing message. The original message resonates with their core audience more than anything else that we tested. Once we stuck by it, we saw the most consistent run of results that we have ever seen in our 8+ years running ads for clients worldwide.


$200K+ in frontend sales with up to $800K+ in backend revenue
ROAS (excluding recurring revenue)
Replaced offline sales channel in the midst of Covid-19

❝ We had a pretty simple objective—get me more qualified leads. What I love about our relationship is I don’t know how they do any of the work that they do. I give them money, they bring me leads, then their leads bring me even more money. It’s a dream come true. ❞

William Chung