White Tiger Qigong

A holistic system of Qigong practice

White Tiger Qigong is one of the most prominent Qigong brands, serving students all over the world. It's founded by Tevia Feng, Master Instructor, who has spent decades practicing the art and discovering the science of Qigong


Tevia approached Agency J to help him expand the White Tiger Qigong brand and grow the business from strength to strength.


After undertaking a full audit of White Tiger Qigong's marketing performance, we developed a complete strategy combining frontend customer acquisition strategies and backend profit maximization strategies.


White Tiger Qigong has a lot of data, but no one was paying attention to them. The first thing we did was to separate the useful data from distraction. Then, we analyzed the data to shortlist winning products we could scale to increase customer acquisition. We launched test after test. 11 months later, we have conducted 103 tests and that is not counting the dozens of emails and landing pages we had tested.

Streamline Advertised Offers

White Tiger Qigong was promoting way too many products and bundles. The same product was even discounted steeply in some instances and not in others, causing unhappiness among new customers when they find out they had paid more than others for the same courses. We brought everything together on a spreadsheet, stopped conflicting promotions, shortlisted 3 offers, and raised prices.

Acquire Customers Aggressively at "Breakeven"

The idea of acquiring customers aggressively at breakeven can be uncomfortable to many business owners. Everyone seems to be chasing high ROAS numbers. Fortunately, White Tiger Qigong understood their current position of strength and weakness as well as the overall gameplan. White Tiger Qigong aims to grow into a global brand, which means we need to expand our customer base as quickly as possible while the competition is still relatively low. But we needed to do it without external funding sources, so the ads must not incur losses. Our gameplan was similar to the likes of Startup darlings like Square, where they acquired customers knowing that they can make $3-5 from every $1 they spent acquiring a customer within the same year.

Building a Backend Monetization Machine

While Facebook and Google ads were delivering us 200-300 "free" customers each month, we also worked our butts off to increase customer lifetime values (CLTVs). Through several email marketing strategies and product bundles, we were able to add multiple 5-figure in new product sales per month that hadn't exist prior to our involvement.


Growth from 2,100+ to 3,100+ paying students in 100 days
increase in overall revenue to-date
Increase in Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV)

❝ Amazing, we hit a new record! 180+ students enrolled in the 8 Trigram Qigong Master Course and Teacher Training that just started! A great and special thanks to Agency J, Natalia Kolesnikova, Micaela Ampong, Sarah Divine Qigong, Matthew Jessner, An Lee ,Sylwester Organka for your contributions to growing WTQ and helping us reach more people to make a massive shift in consciousness, spreading this Qigong worldwide! ❞

Tevia Feng
Founder & CEO
White Tiger Qigong