Self Defense Training and Insurance Company Generates Over $1.8M in Recurring Annual Premiums



in recurring annual premiums


leads generated in less than a year


faster capital recovery

USCCA offers self-defense education, training, and legal protection for responsible gun owners.

In the beginning, USCCA spent a low 6 figure on both PPC and Facebook advertising. While the campaigns were profitable, their growth was limited due to slow capital recovery. For every dollar they had spent on advertising, they would take up to 12 months to recoup the investment!

With this in mind, they worked with our team to optimize their campaigns. Significant targeting improvements were made to their account. Within 2 months, USCCA was able to recoup their first month’s investments, marking a 5x improvement in time to recover investments. This enabled them to scale marketing investments with confidence and by the end of the year, the company generated more than $1.8M in recurring annual premiums.

How we did it

Facebook advertising

  • Deployment of dozens of lookalike audiences based on segmented databases.
  • Cohort reporting and individual landing page tracking enabling accurate performance analysis and optimization.
  • Story driven multi step retargeting campaigns to drive webinar attendance, participation, and subscription.

What Our Clients Say

We have had the pleasure of working with Jason and Agency J now for two clients on their Social Media ad strategy and management, and I have to say I have yet to experience a more professional and results-driven group of people! Jason is whip-smart, up on the latest (and constant) changes in these social platforms, and is always one step ahead of us in adjusting our campaigns to make sure their performance is operating at the most optimal levels possible. I highly recommend working with Jason and Agency J anytime you can! You will be super happy with your experience, and the results. 🙂
Courtney Smith Kramer
Chief Marketing Officer, Co-Active Training Institute (previously Coaches Training Institute)

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