Enrollment Marketing Stories Podcast Ep 1

“If you have your eyes really focused on what you need to solve for at the highest level and that’s what you’re striving to do, then you really can’t go wrong.”

“Marketing is a process. And what does that mean? Well, it means that it’s not about just doing some random tactics. It’s not about just doing content. It’s about how we think through what we’re trying to solve for and we need to make sure we know the audience, the message, and the intended outcomes.”

“What marketing really is, is a value creation center. Come to marketing to partner with you, sales team, or with you, admissions team, or with you, financial aid team. Or whatever the department is or whatever industry. The real value of marketing is that we partner with you to add value to whatever you’re solving for.”

“Most funnels, the traditional funnel … is big to small because that’s your casting the net out there. You’re trying to get a lot of leads. Really big funnel. And then you narrow that down smaller and smaller as they become qualified to the small end of the funnel. In the B2B space, it’s exactly the opposite. And again that’s small first. You’re specifically and intentionally identifying a set number of accounts and then growing them. That’s the upside down funnel.”