A simple and predictable system to help busy service business owners win back 30-40 hours per week and continue growing their businesses at the same time.

The Perfect Week™ Method is a coaching program serving service business owners working 70-80 hours a week to keep their businesses running. It's founded by Tim Yewchuk, a serial entrepreneur who owns multiple businesses making over $20M in annual revenue


Tim approached Agency J to help him scale his Facebook advertising campaigns and take his business to the next level without having to do it all on his own.


On the back of a bad experience with an agency, Tim wanted a team who would take a data-and-engineering-driven approach to advertising.


Tim was paying thousands of dollars a month for HYROS, but no one was using them. Unfortunately the system had not been set up correctly, so no useful information was collected. But when we took over the account, we made it a priority to implement HYROS so we could see the true ROI of our advertising campaign.

Edison's Advertising Method

If Thomas Edison were to run ads today, he would probably create a huge table, craft a thousand hypotheses, rearrange them in order of probability of success, and start working through the list. That's kind of what we do in a nutshell. Through a methodical approach, we found winning ads over and over, which enabled us to continually increase ad spend from $1K+ to $4K+ per day while maintaining and even increasing ROAS.

Sequenced Re-marketing Messages

One of our core revenue-maximizing strategies was to create "Sequenced Re-marketing Messages". This meant mapping out objections based on every level of market awareness and sophistication, then using the right ad to target the right customer segment. This enabled us to increase our daily call yield and produce highly-qualified leads.

It's Not Over Until It's Over

Most people stop advertising at BOFU. But we went one step further. We know that when prospects schedule a call, you've just gained their trust, but it doesn't mean they're sold. You still need to keep them interested enough to show up for the call. What better way than to show them more client success stories, introduce them to your program, and share more of your podcast or YouTube goodness right on their Facebook and Instagram feeds?


new clients
in revenue
Record $300K+ revenue months

❝I haven’t had to think about or worry about our ads since we sign up with them, which is a really good thing. Because we can now focus on growing our business, and we just had one of our another record month, and they just keep bringing it. Their team is getting better and better. They’re on the ball. They communicate really well. I can’t say enough great things about Jason and his team. They are awesome.❞

Tim Yewchuk
Founder & CEO
Perfect Week Method