The only Accredited Nutrition Coaching Certification Program that helps nutrition coaches build impact and grow their income.

NCI is founded by Jason Phillips, who has extensive knowledge and experience from working with reality weight loss shows, PGA tour, pro athletes, weekend warriors, UFC fighters, WWE wrestlers, and fitness celebrities.


Jason approached Agency J to help NCI develop and scale Facebook advertising campaigns.


Jason tried to groom in-house expertise, but soon realized that it takes deep specialization to get the maximum yield from paid traffic. He is a king at creating offers, but needed help to turn them in cash-generating offers that also fill NCI's pipelines for the next 6-12 months.


NCI and Team J worked closely together to develop and test over half a dozen different offers and funnels. Today, we have cost-effective and profitable TOF, MOF, and BOF offers and funnels for prospects at every level.

Adapting Sales Lingo to Paid Traffic

Team J consulted NCI's sales team and discovered several things that appealed to prospects. We replaced the copy on the opt-in pages wherever possible and saw a 50% decline in cost per lead and significantly improved the cost per scheduled call.

Power Offers for the Solution Aware Audience

After testing 100+ different ad copy for NCI, we discovered a few things about NCI's prospects. One of them is how aware prospects were of various options out there, and often heard about us from one of our existing clients. For that reason, we took a direct approach to make a irresistible offer and invited them to set up an onboarding call with us, instead of beating around the bush. This enabled us to produce profitable appointments for our sales team consistently.

Being Open Minded

When we started working with NCI, we didn't know much about the fitness industry at all. So while we had a few best practices under our belt, we also studied what others were doing and adapted them into new strategies. For example, we turned one of Jason's most popular podcast interviews into a sales funnel and produced dozens of calls at 50% less cost compared to the average appointment. Overall, we tested over half a dozen offers and funnels to find the best winners, and we're still doing it today 8+ months into our engagement.


new clients
in cash collected
260+ ad creatives, 172+ ad copy, and 50+ audiences tested

❝ You guys are great, and have served us so well, so yes - let's keep scaling!❞

Jason Phillips
Founder & CEO
Nutritional Coaching Institute