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Enrollment Marketing Stories Podcast Episode 09

Enrollment Sales Conversations with Sasha Ivanic

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  • 04:04 “So about 3 years ago, we had some major shifts in our office; we started monitoring our enrollment funnel on a daily basis. We started communicating with students. So prior to 3 years ago, we really didn’t have automated messaging to them. So with the implementation of our CRM system, that’s one of the first things that we had up and running.”

  • 06:24 “And so what we did is identify those pain points. And so this was a complete office project. Everybody was involved, customer service, counselors, processing staff, and we optimized what was process was to mitigate the pain points, as well as keep the students engaged and keep them updated on what is happening with their application.”

  • 08:04 “So, for instance, if a school is falling behind on their set application goal, an early identifier of that is, you can definitely catch that in the time series graphs and then figuring out what is our potential pool to reach into to get these prospects or inquiries converted to an application.”

  • 12:57 “In your marketing material, you don’t want to promise something that you can’t actually deliver on because, to an extent, false advertising, but just making sure that your institution is really aligned with what it does well. Having that resonate through your materials. So students know that, when they come here, what is being delivered is what was promised to them.”

  • 15:21 “We actually found that some of our applicants were even sharing our text number, messages with their friends and so we saw this influx of inbound communication where we didn’t even initiate it. Students kind of looking for a couple of quick answers and so I think that’s a fun story for people to hear because it really elicited no outbound communication from us.”


This episode of the Enrollment Marketing Stories Podcast with Jason How of Agency J features Sasha Ivanic, a member of the Office of Admissions at Rowan University. She helps develop recruitment strategies and implements them and is also involved with enrollment analytics, recruitment marketing, business process optimization, and budget management.


Sasha takes a deep dive into the innovations that have reshaped the enrollment strategies of Rowan University. She shares the central role of analytics to predict behaviors and create campaigns that address those specifically. Also discussed are the values of social media and text campaigns, as well as the differences of Google and Facebook advertising.


01:06 Innovations and enrollment marketing efforts at Rowan

07:03 Using analytics to predict behaviors

10:14 Why choose Rowan?

13:29 Social media marketing and texting

16:55 Facebook vs Google advertising

19:23 Working with marketing agencies


Sasha Ivanic

Sasha Ivanic is a member of the Rowan University Admissions Office where she helps develop recruitment strategies and implementation. Her work includes enrollment analytics, recruitment marketing, business process optimization, and budget management.

Sasha is a proud alum, earning her Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics and Master of Business Administration from Rowan University.

Sasha Ivanic