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Enrollment Marketing Stories Podcast Episode 8

Enrollment Sales Conversations with Craig TrEdenick

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  • 03:48 “So specifically for expats, the compensation package typically included in most cases 100% of tuition for the kids, and as the economies change, as the landscape has changed, as the geopolitical pieces have changed, those packages have changed in the last 5 years and we’ve noticed that now the families are starting to pay with their own dollars. They’re a lot more discerning which means their rationale for choosing a school becomes a little bit more involved and that’s putting pressure on schools.”

  • 04:19 “The second piece is, in Dubai, we are the most saturated marketplace in the world in terms of number of international schools. We have approximately 210. The second-largest city is Shanghai which has approximately 86. And if you think about it, Dubai is roughly 3 or 3 and a half million people and Shanghai is 35 million roughly.”

  • 11:13 “In an ideal world, if we’re trying to create those value-added conversations, we are creating opportunities on the front end to collect as much information as possible so we know exactly who those families are, where they’re coming from, and most importantly, what their wants, needs, fears, desires are so that we can create a channel through their admission process that will sometimes explicitly, sometimes implicitly meet all of those criteria. And that’s a challenging thing.”

  • 16:29 “These 4 themes that we developed for this year, when we ask questions about events or policies or procedures or anything alike, we look at it through these lenses and if we do that, we’re going to be better off. We’re going to get closer to our goals. So the 4 that we look at this year are sense of urgency, academicians, customer-centric, and personalized and relevant.”

  • 22:55 “Instagram was our first platform that we used and we leveraged and the idea was building awareness. How do we simply tell more stories about what’s going on in this very special place. With that, we built a little bit of momentum. When we got our feet settled in terms of starting to have a more comprehensive marketing plan, we then took on the professional services of a PR firm who helped us develop a very targeted marketing campaign.”


This episode of the Enrollment Marketing Stories Podcast with Jason How of Agency J features Craig Tredenick, Director of Admission and Enrollment at the American School of Dubai.


Craig shares his learnings and experiences on enrollment management and the inherent similarities and differences of schools across geographical and even religious lines. He also talks about the 4 themes of his school how these are used to approach enrollment marketing challenges.


Finally, Craig discusses the role of social media and ads, as well as the services of a PR firm, and how these have helped jumpstart their marketing efforts. Right now, Craig is focused on leveraging predictive analytics to be better equipped to provide students’ needs.


03:13 Enrollment journey: Differences of marketing in Dubai

07:11 Enrollment for different kinds of schools and value-added conversations

15:52 4 themes of the American School of Dubai

18:49 Attracting students: Community, world-class facilities

22:55 Using social media for brand awareness

27:29 Measuring the effectiveness of marketing


Craig currently serves as the Director of Admission & Enrollment at the American School of Dubai where he has been since 2018. Prior to joining ASD, Craig served as the Director of Enrollment Management at All Saints' Episcopal School in Fort Worth, TX.

A certified Admission & Enrollment Management Professional, Craig has presented internationally on Enrollment Management at more than a dozen conferences. In addition, Craig has served as a faculty instructor, Cohort Leader, Guest Blogger, and presenter for the Association of Independent School Admission Professionals (AISAP).