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Enrollment Marketing Stories Podcast Episode 6

Enrollment Sales Conversations with Kirsten Clark

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  • 06:21 “I think social’s also important but I think of all these things as pieces of a larger puzzle. So I don’t think that we should be investing all of our time in email, just like I don’t think we should be investing all our time into social. It really needs to be a balanced effort to making sure that we’re staying consistent across all of those channels and really making sure that the same messages are being put out and that we’re hitting people where they are which is often on their phone.”

  • 07:56 “Marketing especially enrollment marketing for a large public versus a small private is so different because your audience is so different. So those small privates are normally focused on people who have higher test scores or GPA, sort of more academically talented, for lack of a better word. But they’re really focused on those high-achieving students. And then because their cost is so much higher, they’re also looking at people that have family income that’s higher.

  • 08:25 “Whereas some large publics might be looking at the same students but then you have a large public like the University of Houston that has a very diverse population, a lot of ethnic, geographic, and economic diversity and a lot of first-generation college students. So I think I would have to get the stat but I think it’s somewhere between 30 and 40% of our students are first-generation and they just have a whole totally different set of needs than students who have grown up in a culture where going to college is a given.”

  • 13:28 “We have to figure out, okay, we’re going to do “Unleash Your Power”. How are we going to spread that out across all these mediums? What mediums are we going to use to tell which part of the story? And then how are going to execute that? And normally, for me, that starts with an Excel sheet and just kind of figuring out, okay, this is what we’re going to use social for. This is what we’re going to use

  • 16:46 “I think print has an important role to play. Our research, we’ve done some focus groups with some students and our research has shown that when students get stuff in the mail, it’s like a piece that has a lot of care that’s put into it, and the student can tell that. I think that makes them feel really special and that’s what our research has shown because I think students, this generation in particular, gen z, is smart enough to realize like hey, someone developed this and paid to send this to me so they must really want me.”


This episode of the Enrollment Marketing Stories Podcast with Jason How of Agency J features Kirsten Clark, Associate Director of Enrollment Services Communication and Marketing at the University of Houston. Kirsten oversees the marketing and communication strategy for undergraduate admissions, scholarships, financial aid, and everything related to enrollment management.


Kirsten goes into more detail on the enrollment marketing strategies she currently employs, as well as the different successful recruitment campaigns she has launched including “Let’s Define [College]” and “Unleash Your Power”. Kirsten also discusses creative ways to utilize print campaigns, as well as the massive benefit that CRM has provided their organization.


01:12 Introduction to Kirsten
04:17 Communication and email strategy of UH
07:19 Enrollment marketing: small private vs large public schools
09:24 Marketing to the target audience
12:45 Logistics to execute marketing campaigns
16:21 Utilizing print campaigns
22:18 CRM systems


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Kirsten Clark is the Associate Director of Enrollment Services Communication & Marketing at the University of Houston, overseeing the marketing and communications strategy for undergraduate admissions, scholarships and financial aid, and the registrar’s office. She’s a passionate writer with an affinity for content strategy and creation. She’s also fond of diverse representation in the media, pondering the possibility of living in space, and Oxford commas. Kirsten received her MA in Integrated Marketing Communications from Emerson College and her BA from Millsaps College.