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Enrollment Marketing Stories Podcast Episode 3

Enrollment Sales Conversations with Chuck Bankoff

  • No title 00:00
  • 08:36 “As you say, first things first. We strongly advocate starting with a
    strategy before the school invests any resources into marketing. You know,
    sometimes those resources are money. Sometimes those resources are

  • 15:06 “But if a school did have limited resources, I would start with the
    school website. At the end of the day, all roads lead to the website. Google,
    Facebook, Instagram, even offline marketing like sending out postcards to
    the local area will eventually result in a visit from an interested parent. And
    sending perfectly good traffic to a mediocre website is not a good strategy.”

  • 17:31 “And so I might consider doing some Google Adwords, pay-per-click
    work. I would consider doing some Facebook advertising as my next step.
    Maybe the following quarter after that, I might look at search engine
    optimization. That’s more of a long-term strategy.”

  • 18:06 “One other thing I would do but I would be doing it all the time along
    the way is I’d be working on a reviews strategy. You know, getting 5 star
    reviews from parents because parents like to see that you’ve made other
    parents and students happy.”


In this episode of the Enrollment Marketing Stories Podcast, Jason How features Director of Web Services Chuck Bankoff of Kreative Webworks, Inc. who shares his wisdom and expertise on enrollment marketing strategies and tactics.



Kreative Webworks is full service digital marketing agency that works almost exclusively with private and charter schools across the United States. Chuck and his team help schools start and manage everything from websites to inbound marketing to social media strategies.



Kreative Webworks has won a variety of awards including WSI’s Creative Excellence for Website Design and the People’s Choice Award for Best Website.


01:09 Introduction to Chuck and his company
09:47 Kreative Webworks’ Digital Marketing Blueprint
18:33 Marketing funnels for schools
25:29 Common pitfalls


Chuck is the director of web services for Kreative Webworks, a full service digital marketing agency that specializes in enrollment marketing strategies for private and charter schools across the United States.

He directs a team of creative and technical professionals who work exclusively with schools to help them manage everything from their website to their, inbound marketing and social media strategies.

His team has also won a variety of awards including WSI's, creative accidents for website design, and most at visa leader people's choice award for best website.