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Enrollment Marketing Stories Podcast Episode 2

Enrollment Sales Conversations with Daniel Rivas

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  • “My job as a consultant is just to provide them with the right information so they can go at the end of the day and say, ‘hey, this is going to be the right course that’s going to maybe excel me in the future of where I want to be ultimately.'”

  • “I’ve typically found a lot more success with Google PPC because it is top of the funnel, top of the mind, and people are looking to make that career change. And then with Facebook, they can just gather their information based off of your Facebook profile and the courses that you offer, and they can click on that link and then provide their information and gather a little bit more information on the lead form.”

  • “Digital marketing is kind of a generalized statement. Whenever you get into the nitty-gritty, you can really kind of focus your efforts on whatever it is you like to do. So if you want to be a content marketer, SEO specialist, or even maybe just an SEO manager, there’s a lot of different avenues that you could take.”


This week’s episode of the Enrollment Marketing Stories Podcast features Daniel Rivas, Senior Education Consultant at Digital Marketing Institute. Daniel talks about his work on handling potential leads and educating them on the constantly evolving world of digital marketing.


Daniel dips into his in-depth experience of handling different kinds of people to match Digital Marketing Institute’s courses to their specific needs. He also provides a detailed rundown of their recruitment process, as well the real-world advantages of having the skills sets that their courses provide.


01:08 Professional background and company overview
05:22 Receiving and handling leads
10:16 Managing leads
15:55 Automated versus personal emails
17:25 Recruitment: Google and Facebook
24:58 Qualifying leads
32:33 Tips for schools and recruitment


A Senior Education Consultant and Certified Digital Marketing Professional with the Digital Marketing Institute, assisting everyone from senior management to those with no digital experience to gain a better foothold in the ever-evolving world that is digital marketing.

As CEO and Founder of Digital Media Ninja, we deliver nothing but positive results for our clients by listening to their requirements and identifying the right Digital Marketing Education Course or Services to help achieve and exceed their goals.

The Digital Marketing Institute was founded in 2008 and provides online studies in Digital Marketing Qualifications. Some of the areas covered on the courses are Website Optimization, SEO, Content and Social Media Marketing, PPC, Mobile Marketing, Google Analytics, Strategies and Digital Marketing Transformation. The qualifications are awarded through the Industry Advisory Council (IAC) in over 140 countries globally, with over 40,000 graduates worldwide and 1 Industry standard.

Results from our 2016 graduate survey were:

  • 80% were promoted after having completed our accredited, global qualification.
  • 91% said that the Digital Marketing Institute had a positive impact on their career.
  • 88% of graduates are now working in a Senior, Management or Director level role.