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Enrollment Marketing Stories Podcast Episode 16

Enrollment Sales Conversations with Sung Chu

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  • 06:50 “We have great donor levels and we are able to spend on scholarship and emergency funds to be able to help our existing parents out so that they are able to come here for that fall semester until they’re able to get back on their feet.”

  • 14:05 “So for international enrollment trends, I think of course the market has really shrunk so I think the retention portion is going to be crucial for students for schools to make sure that the students they already have, they’re retaining.”

  • 14:26 “For new international recruitment, I think it’s going to see what type of relationships you already have with other organizations, to keep those relationships strong.”

  • 14:56 “I think in terms of internal practices, this is a time of support that international students need from the school. Not only academics but emotional support and to make sure the student understands the school is there for them.”

  • 20:05 “I think international side, you have that type of approach but you also need to leverage your alumni networks as well.”


This episode of the Enrollment Marketing Stories Podcast features Sung Pyung Chu, Director of Enrollment Management at Randolph-Macon Academy. Today, Sung details their institution’s infrastructure that has allowed them to quickly adapt to the challenges of COVID-19.


He also discusses the different local and international recruitment channels they use to appeal to their students’ needs and keep up student retention. In particular, Sung shares the importance of maintaining relationships with alumni. He also talks about their new programs that allow them to adapt to the ever-changing needs of the job market.


01:41 Value proposition of Randolph-Macon & adapting to COVID-19

07:03 Student recruitment & applying strict safety protocols

11:41 Positive takeaways & current enrollment marketing trends

17:26 Local & international recruitment marketing channels

24:10 Adapting college programs to meet the current job market


Sung Chu is currently the Director of Enrollment Management at Randolph-Macon Academy. He oversees all admission and marketing efforts for the 129-year old institution with co-ed day and boarding options for students in grades 6-12.

Sung has experience in student recruitment, educational business development and agency sales for corporations, higher education and secondary institutions and government entities.