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Enrollment Marketing Stories Podcast Episode 15

Enrollment Sales Conversations with Andrew Flagel

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  • 07:58 “The challenge is really leveraging the potential of those collaborations, of having universities, governments, philanthropies, corporations work together to meet these incredibly challenging goals that we all share.”

  • 10:26 “How do you create some of those other experiences of interactions with one another, with individuals in other classes, that rich tapestry of experience that happens outside the classroom?”

  • 11:35 “Even leveraging some of the lessons learned from the gaming community, when you look at the extraordinary success of e-sports and the way it brings people together and the interactions that they can have in that environment.”

  • 21:43 “If you dig into the data on how students select universities and what they’re willing to pay, it still is a very emotional decision having to do with joining a community and finding the right fit.”

  • 29:40 “It is time-consuming to go out and build the relationships. Go sit-in on classes, listen to the faculty meetings, find out what the faculty value and what are their concerns and what they’re working on. Find out where their interactions are with their students.”


This episode of the Enrollment Marketing Stories Podcast features Andrew Flagel, President and CEO of the Consortium of Universities of the Washington Metropolitan Area. Today, Andrew shares his wealth of experience collaborating with various sectors to tackle the biggest challenges in education today.

He explains the opportunities available to large entities like universities, governments, and corporations and how they can contribute to long term solutions. Andrew also shares how educational institutions can adapt to a buyer’s market, and how enrollment marketing can tell stories that connect with their audience.


07:04 Identifying the greatest challenges of COVID

09:17 Distance learning & the untapped potential for collaboration

20:42 Opportunities for enrollment marketing to adapt to changes

27:45 Enrollment marketing: How to tell stories & know their product more


Andrew Flagel is President and CEO of the Consortium of Universities of the Washington Metropolitan Area. The Consortium represents and fosters collaboration among its 17 colleges and universities. Enrolling nearly 300,000 students each year, collectively Consortium institutions are the largest non-government employer in the region. With course-sharing agreements for over ninety years, the Consortium today is one of the world’s foremost educational collaboratives.

Flagel received his undergraduate and master’s degrees from Consortium member George Washington University, where he served as a regional director of admissions before being appointed as director of admissions for the Congressional Youth Leadership Council. He later received his PhD from Michigan State University’s prestigious program in Higher, Adult, and Lifelong Education while serving as a director in Flint for the University of Michigan, focusing his research on access and inclusion.

As Dean of Enrollment for over a decade at another Consortium member, George Mason University, Flagel created ground-breaking new programs for members of the military, veterans, international, and transfer students, founded and led the Washington Youth Summit on the Environment and the Washington Journalism and Media Conference, and spearheaded the Pathways partnership with Northern Virginia Community College and Fairfax County Public Schools. He left Mason to become Senior Vice President at Brandeis University, serving as both their chief student affairs and chief enrollment officer. Just prior to joining the Consortium, he served as Vice President for Advancement at the Association of American Colleges and Universities (AAC&U) where he successfully developed a broad range of innovative partnerships with non-profit organizations, foundations, and private companies to support quality and equity throughout higher education. Flagel is a Visiting Senior Scholar at The George Washington University, a member of the AAC&U Presidents’ Trust, and serves on the Washington Higher Education Secretariat and on the board of His also a member of the Millennium Campus Network Global Education Council, the Sewanee Summer Music Festival Board of Advisors, and the Washington Journalism and Media Conference Advisory Board. He previously served as a Senior Scholar for the National Research Center for College and University Admissions, and on the Board of the Tremont School. His wife, Jennifer, is Assistant Vice President and Director of Graduate Admissions at Bentley University, and their son is an incoming first-year student at Denison University. Follow him on twitter @deanflagel.