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Enrollment Marketing Stories Podcast Episode 13

Enrollment Sales Conversations with JODIAN DAVIS

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  • 06:22 “Even further back as even in 6th grade, we start talking to them, explain to them what college will mean and what the kids should start to think about when they think about college. Not just the name, but what makes sense?”

  • 11:04 “Something that I’ve been getting into at this school, and I know a lot of other schools do it, it’s obviously texting to parents. It’s just a different strategy but not texting just for texting’s sake.”

    16:18 “We’ve created a specific webpage for our parents and prospective parents so that they can learn how we are responding to the current situation and you know what the next steps are. We’ve been very transparent, open about how we’re going about things, how we’re doing remote learning, and what the next steps are for school in the fall.”

  • 21:39 “This is probably the perfect time for you to just dive in and learn some new things. We’ve actually started to create a blog at our school too. Content is king so pushing out as much content as you possibly can. It’s not easy.”

  • 23:39 “Our faculty has really risen to the occasion of coming up with amazing lesson plans for the kids to do, not just coming from rote memorization or texts, but using what they have outside, doing scavenger hunts and science projects.”


This episode of the Enrollment Marketing Stories Podcast with Jason How of Agency J features Jodian Davis, Marketing Director at Rutgers Preparatory School. Today, she shares the new enrollment marketing strategies and channels they use and how their main focus has always been finding the right fit for their students’ needs.


Jodian also breaks down the changes they have made to provide education in a remote setting, like activating their IT and providing laptops, as well as the initiative of their faculty to create lesson plans that go beyond rote memorization.


03:37 Enrollment marketing at Rutgers Prep: Finding the best fit

09:51 Marketing & communication channels

15:49 Pandemic adjustments

20:44 Planning for virtual enrollment marketing

22:56 Ensuring quality education moving forward


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