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Enrollment Marketing Stories Podcast Episode 12

Enrollment Sales Conversations with George Wolf

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  • 04:58 “We’re doing a lot of digital marketing outreach but we’re also building partnerships with other organizations, corporations, the healthcare industry, and try to build a working partnership with those businesses to get in front of their working adults.”

  • 06:09 “That brand effort, which we coordinate with our recruiting areas and our marketing department, is really one of the first steps to build that visibility. But then it is ultimately lead generation because we need to bring interested students into all of our segment pools.”

  • 19:57 “Going for a graduate degree is less urgent right now than it is for undergraduate degrees, so graduate recruiting has basically flatlined over the last few weeks.”

  • 20:56 “People are nervous to go back to school because of the economic implications. Generally, if you’re looking at low employment or high unemployment, it’s usually something that has happened over time. In the current situation, we’ve seen such a drastic change.”

  • 26:22 “The field of enrollment management may become more cutthroat than it already is and I think that’s detrimental to the students and families that we serve.”

This episode of the Enrollment Marketing Stories Podcast with Jason How of Agency J features George Wolf, a nationally-recognized presenter and consultant in strategic enrollment management, financial aid management, and continuous improvement in higher education.

Today, George shares the outreach process of Siena University and how the school has adopted digital solutions amidst the global pandemic. George also shares his views on what could happen to independent colleges and universities in a post-COVID world.


03:35 Creating visibility: Outreach for awareness & lead generation

07:32 Positioning independent universities

15:06 Moving classes online as a response to COVID

22:55 Siena Heights plans moving forward

24:42 Possible changes in enrollment marketing in the future


Mr. George Wolf is nationally recognized as a presenter and consultant in the areas of strategic enrollment management, financial aid management, and continuous improvement in higher education. Mr. Wolf has over 30 years of experience in enrollment management with independent colleges and universities and is often sought out by media for his professional perspectives in the field, most recently by the Washington Post in April, 2020. Mr. Wolf earned a BA degree in mass communication/public relations from Kentucky Wesleyan College, an MA degree in human resource development from Siena Heights University and has 52 doctoral hours from East Tennessee State University in educational leadership and policy analysis.

An early adopter and pioneer in enrollment management and qualitative financial aid management, Mr. Wolf is most often sought after for his visionary strategic thinking and his ability to design executable tactics that deliver enrollment results. Most recently serving as the Vice President for Enrollment Management at Siena Heights University in Adrian MI, he has served as a practitioner and consultant with institutions of every size and type. In these roles, he developed and implemented innovative models for enrollment management, financial aid leveraging, marketing, and market segmentation, as well as developed reporting structures and predictive modeling for enrollment, yield, net revenue, and price elasticity for institutional improvement and strategic success.

Mr. Wolf speaks frequently about the applications of enrollment management, financial aid management, and other aspects of educational administration, particularly in the areas of enrollment. Mr. Wolf has been a presenter at AACRAO, NAICU, MACRAO, SACRAO, NACAC, SACAC, NSCEC, and smaller focused conferences on strategic enrollment management.