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Enrollment Marketing Stories Podcast Episode 10

Enrollment Sales Conversations with Dr. David Willows

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  • 01:45 “Advancement really pertains to 3 main areas of school life: the school admissions and enrollment management, and then there’s everything to do with marketing and communications both externally and internally towards the community. And then finally, we’re responsible for all of our fundraising and development, alumni relations.”

  • 03:55 “The school put together a crisis management matrix that looked at the kind of decisions that we were going to make in the event that things started to happen here in Brussels. And this matrix was a very useful framework just to help us understand where we are in the process.”

  • 09:57 “We’ve realized the importance of keeping strong, simple messaging to the communities. So for example, on the front of our website right now, within 24 hours of moving from school closure to the distance learning plan, we changed the messaging on the website. A very strong, simple message: our campus is closed, our learning continues.”

  • 13:52 “From the school’s point of view, I think the honest answer that we have right now to parents is, this situation is unfolding day by day and there are some things that we still don’t know.”

  • 16:53 “One of the things that we did was to take the principles of what we know makes a good admissions visit and actually think about how we shift that into a virtual environment.”


This episode of the Enrollment Marketing Stories Podcast with Jason How of Agency J features Dr. David Willows, Director of Admissions and Advancement at the International School of Brussels in Belgium. Today, Dr. Willows details his initiatives on how his school has been dealing with the abrupt changes brought by COVID-19.


He shares how they use a crisis management matrix to determine what stage of the crisis they are in and the appropriate responses to it. Dr. Willows also talks about working online and the daily updates his team needs to keep operations running despite the school’s closure.


02:33 Using a crisis management matrix to manage COVID-19

08:45 Crisis mode for schools: instilling confidence in the community

16:14 Adapting enrollment marketing and admissions: moving online

19:20 Motivations to start and maintain blog

21:12 Collaborating with marketing agencies


David Willows

Dr. David Willows is Director of Advancement at the International School of Brussels, Belgium. He is also a regular presenter & trainer at international events and author of several books and articles in the field of international school branding, innovation, admissions, marketing and communications.

Today, he is considered a leading practitioner in the fields of Enrollment Management & Advancement and continues to be involved in several global network organisations, helping to shape and define the future of the learning business. Read his blog at

David Willows