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More Case Studies


“We had a pretty simple objective—get me more qualified leads. What I love about our relationship is I don’t know how they do any of the work that they do. I give them money, they bring me leads, then their leads bring me even more money. It’s a dream come true. The more vendors you add, the more complexity, communication issues, problems, and oversights accrue. But with Agency J, they do the work and I can ignore them.”
Frank Song
CEO & Founder


“We’ve struggled to find a social media agency that can really understand our business and meet our high expectations for service and quality. Agency J is the 3rd agency that we’ve tried working with and I can say with enthusiasm that we are 100% satisfied with the service they bring to our account. They are very responsive and work with us in the ways that we have requested (i.e. using tools like Slack and Asana). They create meaningful reports and are always looking at the results and proactively suggesting ways to learn from what we are doing and fine-tune campaigns further. In the past year, they have achieved a net return on our advertising spend of about 21.40x. It is also an absolute pleasure to work with Jason in particular. He’s an excellent communicator and very personable. He’s extremely smart and also very kind. In fact, everyone at Agency J is professional and has an excellent work ethic.”
Suzan Acker
Marketing Director


“When we subtracted people who clicked on our emails from the teacher’s registered people, it looks like 88 [students] came from cold traffic. That's pretty impressive. Tom is one of our top two most popular teachers. But sales are higher than usual, so I think your campaigns are making a difference. We're officially ending the campaign on Tuesday but it's doing so well, I'd like to look into setting it up as an evergreen to people who haven't been in the marketing funnel yet.”
Eva Smith
Owner & Managing Editor

What Others Are Saying About Agency J

“Agency J has been instrumental in getting the number of prospective student inquiries up tenfold. Our number of applications started has also doubled in the short period of time that we started with him. We wish we had found them sooner. We have been wanting to do this project, but found some other agencies that were too expensive and didn't do much for us. Jason's team has raised our hopes and morale.”
John Paul Liang
President, American College of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine
“Agency J has made some of the best ads, and campaigns my business has ever run. I thought I knew about ad metrics. They took it to another level. I thought I knew the copy. They took it to another level. I thought my creatives were good. They showed me what was really needed.”
Michael Lin
Managing Director, Auston Institute
"I was a little hesitant about working with a brand new team. But Agency J's thorough communication and detail-oriented project management put me at ease. We worked closely on the creative assets and developed messages that were in line with our voice. Agency J implemented simple, robust tools for measurement and helped us assess the impact of our ads. Working with him and his team was an absolute joy."
Victor Saad
CEO, Experience Institute

About Agency J

Started in 2012 under the banner of “J Social”, the company quickly grew to build a reputation for helping Education and Course Businesses grow. Despite being located in Southeast Asia, the team has operated effectively to contribute over 8 figures in sales to businesses in the U.S., Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, Israel, Thailand, and Singapore.

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