Click Love Grow

A women's photography community

Click Love Grow is one of the most recognized photography brand among women, founded by the talented Louise Glendon. In less than 2 years, Click Love Grow has quickly expanded from 1,300 students to over 3,500 students and a growing Facebook community of 29,000+ members.


To help Click Love Grow expand its customer base in United States and Australia


3 highly desirable lead magnets generated leads, who were then put through an evergreen launch and nurture system.


In the first few months, numerous experiments were conducted to figure out the most effective way to convert "live" to evergreen product launches, so that the client does not feel burned out by ongoing launches and stresses of having to hit higher and higher revenue targets each launch. We subsequently found our footing and settled on the optimal strategy -- evergreen 96 hour sales sequences upon registration, a product launch every 8 weeks, among several strategic moves Louise made which grew her business from strength to strength.

Not 1, Not 2, But 3 Lead Magnets

A common problem we found with lead generation funnels is that they always depend on just one lead magnet. In Louise's case, we had 3. All 3 lead magnets converted at different rates, attracted a different customer profile, and eventually informed our budget allocation strategy. Regardless of the cost per lead, we allocated more budget to the lead magnet which generated more sales. This was crucial in raising our daily ad spend from below $50/day to more than $500/day while seeing sales grow as well.

Lever On Customer-Generated Content

One of the most effective ads to-date, which we have used repeatedly, came from one of Louise's students. Would you believe that someone without any prior experience to shooting photos can achieve results like this in just 8 weeks? You bet. If you have the ability to provide proof of results, don't be afraid to use them! Just make sure to credit them to your students.

Pile on the

Don't be afraid to spend money on re-marketing, even if your audience is small. Our average re-marketing budgets are in 4 digits even for 3-5 day promos for an audience of no more than 1,000 people.


Growth from 1,300+ to 3,500+ paying students
Return On Ad Spend (ROAS)
Over $200K
in ad spend managed profitably​

❝ Agency J has been great at coming up with bigger picture strategy around our evergreen funnels and where ads fit into that role. They're great at providing suggestions and offering advice on different techniques in the ad space that we don't know of. I really just appreciate their support and capacity to manage my ads really well. It's been a great experience and I definitely hope to continue working with them. ❞

Louise Glendon
Creative Director
Click Love Grow