Co-Active Training Institute

The World's Largest Experiential Leadership Training Company
Sets Its Sights On Generational Growth

Co-Active Training Institute (formerly known as Coaches Training Institute) is the world's largest experiential leadership training company in the world. Despite having trained over 60,000 people (including coaches and employees from over half of the Forbes 100 companies) in the past 25 years, majority of young leaders (especially digitally-savvy millennials) had little awareness of the organization. To grow its brand and introduce itself to the digitally-savvy generation, Co-Active partnered with Agency J to support its aspirations.


To engage young leaders and build major social media platforms Facebook and Instagram) into long-term customer acquisition channels.


Engaging young leaders requires a good story and it goes beyond merely showing up everywhere. We expanded on the organization's brand story and repackaged their work to make it suitable for the digital media. Then we levered on their best performing lead acquisition offerings to convert visitors into leads and created a sophisticated series of re-marketing campaigns to turn visitors and leads into customers.

Design Videos
For Social

Millennial attention spans mean that the first 3 seconds of any video are absolutely critical. We created videos that asked direct questions aimed at capturing their attention. Furthermore, people want to watch videos that are educational, entertaining, informative, and demonstrative. Our videos did exactly that.


Amplify Proven
Lead Acquisition

Some marketers think that advertising online is the easiest way to sell any product — that's simply not true. Advertising online is the same as advertising anywhere else — it only works if there is already demand. Instead of reinventing the wheel, we took the institute's most effective lead acquisition offerings and turned them into additional wheels of a well-oiled machine.

Plus laptop device

It Takes More Than One Touchpoint To Make A Sale

Most digital advertising campaigns still fail to produce a positive ROI today because they're overly focused on producing leads and not enough effort is placed on nurturing those leads. The customer buying journey is highly complex, so we mapped out custom messaging sequences for each audience, depending on their position in the journey, and guided them towards the sale.


Since working with Agency J, Co-Active Training Institute has recorded over $1M in additional revenue attributed to its online marketing efforts, generated thousands of net new leads, and reached over 180,000 millennials in the process.

Additional Revenue
Net New Leads

❝ We have had the pleasure of working with Agency J and I have to say I have yet to experience a more professional and 6 results-driven group of people! Jason is whip-smart, up on the latest (and constant) changes in these social platforms, and is always one step ahead of us in adjusting our campaigns to make sure their performance is operating at the most optimal levels possible. I highly recommend working with Jason's team at Agency J anytime you can! You will be super happy with your experience, and the results. ❞

Courtney Smith Kramer
Chief Marketing Officer
Co-Active Training Institute
(previously known as coaches Training Institute)