Auston Institute

A Private College With Big Dreams

Auston Institute is a forward-thinking private college preparing students for careers in Engineering and Project Management. Despite trying its hand at digital marketing and working with various agencies over 4 years, it struggled to gain traction. It was when Auston Institute discovered Agency J's beliefs in the careful design of key touchpoints centered around the student enrollment journey, did they then realize that a digital marketing strategy requires more than just putting together a Facebook advertising campaign.


To establish Auston Institute as the prominent Engineering school in the eyes of aspiring young Engineers and generate 100s of tangible enrollment inquiries.


Positioning Auston Institute as a reputable powerhouse among prospective students starts from the first impression. To do this, we focused on the first touchpoints in the student enrollment journey to differentiate Auston Institute from other colleges. This is achieved by accentuating their strengths.


Direct response marketing techniques were employed to enhance the campaign's effectiveness by highlighting possible credit exemptions and tuition savings as well as key application timelines.


Ads that lead in with the strength of Auston Institute's offerings, hold attention by impressing with graduate achievements, and nudge prospective students to take the next step with a clear call-to-action.

Corporate Videos
Are Out. This Is
The "In" Thing
Right Now

Millennials and Generation Z-ers are very sensitive to ads. Traditional corporate videos and scripted testimonials don't interest them at all. What works - is taking a selfie or close-up video - and talking to them like you're someone they know. After all, that's why Instagram Stories, Snapchat, and TikTok are all the rage these days. The younger generation values authenticity and connection over status and image.

In a Smartphone
Dominated World

Course pages are highly informative, but they rarely convert attention into action. A key reason is because over 50% of internet traffic today is happening on mobile, yet most course pages were designed for desktop browsing only. By creating dedicated landing pages that are designed for mobile-first, Auston Institute saw conversion rates jump over 317%.​

Plus mobile device
Dozens of
newly enrolled


Since working with Agency J, Auston Institute has received over 1,300 inquiries to-date, reduced its cost per lead by 66%, and enrolled dozens of new students.

❝ Since we started working with them (Agency J), we have a steady stream of leads at a lower cost than what we had before. The ROI of this project has been above my expectations. ❞

Michael Lin

Managing Director
Auston Institute