We Bring Students To Private Colleges and Schools

We are a Facebook advertising & growth agency helping private colleges and schools to fill classrooms, courses, and programs.

Our Process

Online marketing is not a magic pill. An effective campaign requires 3 things: a good offer, the right people, and the right message. This means that we cannot promote an unpopular program and expect to see results. To maximize your chances of success, start with your signature programs.

Most people go to school to land a good and better paying job. To attract students, we position your signature programs as the best place they can go to in order to achieve their dreams.

Now that we have raised awareness about your signature program, the next stage is to bring interested students to your campus. We assist schools by marketing their Open House using our Event Marketing Strategy. Just last month, one of our clients saw their largest Open House ever.

Once all of the pieces are in place, we start driving carefully targeted traffic from Facebook to your school. 100% of our clients receive student inquiries within the first month even as we are just building momentum.

We help schools get more students

Are you looking for a reliable marketing agency partner to help your school grow? Book a strategy session with us to see if we can turn this into a reality.

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